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Chaco Bajo - Humid Chaco
Chaco Alto - Dry Chaco
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Chaco Alto
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Evening at the Chaco Rio Pilcomayo Bottle tree, <i>Ceiba chodatii</i>, in the winter Cerro León in the winter Chacoan dry forest in the north of Boquerón
Sunrise on the smokey winter sky Caribbean trumpet trees, <i>Tabebuia aurea</i>,  flowering in the winter Loneliness at Nueva Asunción Huge toothpick cactus, <i>Stetsonia coryne</i>, near Rio Pilcomayo Sunrise in the Dry Chaco
View into the thicket of the dry Chacoan forest Oxbow of the Rio Pilcomayo Oxbow of the Rio Pilcomayo Lonely truck at furthermost west Sour grass savannah
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